As some of you know, this year I decided to compete in National Novel Writing Month, and as a result I’ve fallen behind somewhat on my Cloudlazing updates. I now owe ten extra comics from throughout the month of November, on top of my regular Monday-and-Friday updates. To make up for lost time I’m posting three new comics a week this month and next month (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), instead of just two, along with a single solid five-day week at the end of December. After that, updates will return to their old Monday-and-Friday routine through the rest of 2013. Thanks to all of you for your patience and understanding.

(I should also acknowledge that my December updates are appearing in a somewhat erratic manner, mostly grouped together toward the end of December, and that even this blog post will be stamped with a different upload date than the one of its actual appearance. I occasionally do this when I’m late at putting things online. Bad habit of mine. What’s important, though, is that updates are moving forward, and should hopefully return to normal by February of 2013)