Due to technical issues, time limitations, and just plain old exhaustion, I’ve decided to put Blockheads on hold for the next few months while I get caught up on issue two. I don’t like having to do this, but there wasn’t really any choice. I’m finding it difficult to work efficiently while away from home, and to top it off my desktop’s hard drive is slowly failing, making it even harder for me to get anything done.

I’ll still be updating Letters to Eddie and Cloudlazing as normal, and Deviantart will probably see some updates as well. I’ve also made a new Blockheads bonus page available to donators, where I might crank out a few more new bonus pages before the comic resumes. They’re faster to produce than proper issues, and can be fun to imagine up.

So, if all goes well, Blockheads will be starting up again sometime in July, picking up right where it left off. Thanks for your patience and understanding.