Blockheads is a darkly-humorous postapocalyptic romp filled with giant robots, snarky cyborgs and anthropomorphic aliens, created out of a fondness for the old sci-fi stories of my youth. Currently on hiatus until July 2012 while I work on the second issue.

Though a completely original work, it’s worth noting that Blockheads was also thematically inspired by Evangelion, The Matrix, The Culture and The Hunger Games, and stylistically inspired by Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the sandworms of Dune, and the uniforms of Tron. It also owes an enormous debt to TwoKinds, the webcomic which inspired its inking and shading style, and remains one of my favorite online comics.

Blockheads is set within the Eternal Forge fictional universe, created and owned by Anthony Koro, who is contactable on Deviantart, or.