Informal Commissions

In an informal commission, you'll get a digitally-drawn image of something you specify, like your original character or online persona, and once it's completed it will be emailed to you as a 300 DPI PNG and/or a web-resolution JPG. Here are the rates:

Rough Sketches
$2.50 (less than 1 week to complete)
Very quick, outlining sketches with rough lines.

Refined Sketches
$5.00 (less than 1 week to complete)
Polished sketches with distinct lines and simple crosshatched shadows. To most people, refined sketches are virtually indistinguishable from inks.

$10 (1 week to complete)
Fully rendered lineart.

Simple Shading
$20 (2 weeks to complete)
Simple shadows, colored inks and a simple background, usually with a gradient and a reflection.

Intermediate Shading
$50 (3 weeks to complete)
Intermediate shadows, highlights, inks, and an intermediate background which can be just about anything.

Advanced Shading
$80 (1 month to complete)
Advanced shadows, highlights, inks, and an advanced background which can be just about anything.

These are the prices for single-character commissions. For additional characters, add on 50% of whatever commission type you choose (except for the rough sketches, for which you'd add on 100%). For example, if you wanted a refined sketch of one character it would be $5.00, for two characters it would be $7.50, for three characters it will be $10.00, and so on and so forth. Typically, my working limit is ten characters, but I'll allow more (or stop at less) at my own discretion.

To order a commission, email me at PaparazziPulse (AT) gmail (DOT) com and include “informal commission” somewhere in the subject. Let me know what type of drawing you'd like (such as a rough sketch or refined sketch), how many characters will be involved, what kind of background you'd like, things like that. Please be as specific as possible right from the outset, and please also include reference images (either as links or as email attachments) for all of the involved characters, and optionally the background too. References are extremely important to me. Most of the time I can't start a commission without them. If you have text-based descriptions instead of references, that's fine, just try to keep them as short and concise as possible, please. Don't send me pages upon pages of data.

My preferred payment method is PayPal, sent to PaparazziPulse (AT) gmail (DOT) com. Checks or money orders made out to Anthony Koro are allowable, but are a hassle and will significantly delay the progress of your commission. If you need my home address, shoot me an email asking for it.

Payment must be received before I begin drawing anything. Sorry, but this is non-negotiable. I will start working only once I've received payment. Now, the times listed above are approximate, but if I'm significantly delayed I will let you know, and if you're ever in doubt as to the completion status of your commission, just email me about it and I'll send you an image showing how much I've completed. And if you change your mind about the commission before I've finished it, just let me know and I'll send you a refund, no hard feelings.

Once complete, I will email you a JPG sample of the commission at web resolution (usually 750 pixels on the longest side) along with an archive (usually ZIP) containing high-resolution PNGs of the finished image and all of its preceding steps. For example, if you commission a fully shaded piece, you'll receive a rough sketch, refined sketch, and inks along with the final, shaded version.

Once you have the full-resolution original, you can, within reason, do whatever you wish with it, on the condition that you credit me, wherever appropriate, with drawing it, and basically don't try to pass it off as your own. I'd also appreciate a link to my website, Plan Boom, but that's optional. If you plan to publish the commission in some sort of grand-scale endeavor in which you intend to make a profit, please let me know beforehand. It's probably fine, but I'd like to know anyway, just in case. Also, be aware that I will probably display your commission both online and offline in various locations, always crediting you when I do so.

Now, it's worth noting that for this type of commission, just about anything is allowed, but there are a few exceptions. For example:

Trademarked characters or characters by other artists.
Well, actually I will allow these (I know they're quite popular), but I reserve the right to refuse a commission that would anger, offend, or otherwise start drama with the original artist. For example, I wouldn't draw my friend Bob's character with his head getting blown up, but a widely-known character like Pikachu or Iron Man is usually fine, even with their heads getting blown up.

Mature content.
This is a gray area. Pornography isn't my thing, but I'll sometimes make exceptions. If you want something gratuitously pornographic, violent, gory, or otherwise messy in nature, I'd consider it a special commission, and it wouldn't be covered here. Be aware that mature commissions will cost you more, and I may refuse to do them if I object to the subject matter. If you're unsure as to whether or not I'll consider your commission to be overly graphic, you should email me about it. I'm not an especially queasy guy, though, so chances are you're fine.

Unreasonably complicated or unreasonably detailed requests.
This is a very narrow exception, and will rarely come up, but if, for example, you ask for an octopus with a jetpack flying above an exploding metropolis while dodging missiles from several dozen jet fighters, I'll probably say no. Sorry, but too much is just too much, no matter how much I charge for it.

A drawing done in a specific art style not covered here.
For example, something from one of my older art accounts, like WagonTamer. I may be able to do that, but since it's a special commission and I'm most likely out of practice with it, it will cost more. Refer to the special commission page for more information on that.

Thanks for your interest! If you're ready to place an order, or if you have any additional questions, feel free to email me at the following address:

PaparazziPulse (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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